Paytm Update – A bad and good news – An OTP is required now for login to your account

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Guys paytm is introducing new security measures day by day and this is the biggest one now.

Paym Now needs an OTP to allow you to login to your account

Side Note – This is infact a good news also as now security of your paytm wallet will be increased :)

Yes just few minutes ago, I tried logging-in to my paytm account and I was shocked to see that it was asking me to enter a One-Time password sent to my mobile number !!

paytm needs an OTP to login


Suggestion – If you a paytm account whose mobile number you don’t have with you now, then you can loose the wallet balance in that account if you don’t act now.

How to use wallet balance of paytm account whose mobile number you don’t have now ?

>> Well this system is still not implemented on paytm apps.

>> Login to your paytm account on paytm app

>> Use your paytm balance as soon as possible !!

Note – If you have multiple paytm accounts but also have mobile numbers with you then you don’t need to worry !! The above suggestion is only for those who due to some reason don’t have the registered mobile number with them now :)